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Praises in Peru

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Ministry Update from Emily Snodgrass in Peru

God is doing wonderful things at Iglesia Bautista Independiente Getsemaní! Since returning to the normal pre-pandemic schedule in January of this year, people seem hungry for hope and purpose.

God is consistently giving me opportunities to teach and counsel. This month I am teaching a class for young ladies on Sunday mornings. We are studying the Bible. (What is the Bible? Why can we trust the Bible? How should we study the Bible?) The group is a mixture of believers who have grown up in church, brand-new believers, and at least one unbeliever.

It is a joy to minister to the young ladies at the Bible college. They are my adopted daughters and have many spiritual and material needs. Last week Andreina's mom became seriously ill. There is no husband/father in the home, and Andreina has been her family’s bread winner. God provided through believers’ giving to help her get the initial medical tests for her mom, and we are praying for her mother's salvation. Our students are learning many things about God outside the classroom.

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